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Boston GlobeMay 3, 2007

Roni DeLuz is the creator of the Martha’s Vineyard detox diet. She recently chatted with readers about the weight loss plan.

Mac__Guest_: What is this diet and how does it work???
Roni_DeLuz: Hi This is Roni
Roni_DeLuz: The diet detox is about cleansing your system of everyday toxic substances. Itbgives your body a chance to rest by giving your body maximun nutrition in small doses. Ror example you will receive powerful vitamins and minerals in one glass of juice, this will allow your body to be nourished and then your body will not be afraid to release fat and toxins.

Hi Roni: Thanks for chatting! I get the detox, cleansing part of the diet, but why no chewing?

Roni_DeLuz: Hi
Roni_DeLuz: The reason no chewing is important,
Roni_DeLuz: It is a cleanse, or a detox or fast, the body will rest from digesting and all the vital power or energy will go to healing and releasing of fat, You will recieve more vital power or energy when you stop chewing

chewforthought__Guest_: hi and thanks for chatting! i am curious about the toxicity of the american diet today. why are people living longer than ever if their diet is so toxic? what do you consider the most toxic foods and why? thanks for your time!

Roni_DeLuz: Hi
Roni_DeLuz: yes We are living longer and we are sicker, The quality of our living is poor. I believe some of the most toxic substances is in our live everyday is too much sugar, too much salt, too much perservatives and rancid oils

Shween-o__Guest_: hi there, this sounds cool – what sort of nutrients are in the frappes to sustain the body without solid food for 21 days?

Roni_DeLuz: Hi this is a great question
Roni_DeLuz: In one glass of Green juice you will receive the nutients of 5-6 servings of vegetables and fruits.

gina__Guest_: Hi Roni, is your book for sale right now and if so, where would I purchase it?

Roni_DeLuz: you can pre order on amazon and in barnes and nobles may 8

GinaBabe3__Guest_: Hi all! What do I need to get started? Do I need to get a juicer?
Roni_DeLuz: go to

Disbeliever__Guest_: If it’s a FAST, wouldn’t that mean you dont’ eat anything?

Roni_DeLuz: this is not a fast–it’s a cleanse.. you feed your body every two hours…good tasting liquids…except for soups..

cuddlytigger__Guest_: can you tell me a little bit about your diet program


Nantucket_Diet__Guest_: Out of 100 people, how many people are capable of doing that diet for 21 days ? 1, maybe 2 ?

Roni_DeLuz: ninety percent. if you are an emotional eater you will have a harder time.. 3 retired school teachers in their 70’s just completed.. if they can do it anyone can.

k_2__Guest_: everytime i try to lose weight i always end up being hungry. i’m a pretty healthy eater (lots of fruits and veggies, rarely fried although i do have a sweet tooth).

Roni_DeLuz: get rid of the sugar and do the detox your body will love you.. don’t strave yourself … feef your body every 2 hours.

k_2__Guest_: i just have a hearty appetite (for a girl)! does this diet leave you feeling hungry?

Roni_DeLuz: not if you feed your body every two hours the programs suggest.. go to

Fatty_21__Guest_: what is a rancid oil?? hydrogenated?


k_2__Guest_: will the diet work if you “cheat”

Roni_DeLuz: not at 100% you want to give your digestive system a rest

Disbeliever__Guest_: You said above “It is a cleanse, or a detox or fast,” – so which is it?

Roni_DeLuz: detox—cleanse

GinaBabe3__Guest_: Do women tend to lose less weight in 21 days than men?

Roni_DeLuz: sometimes.. depending on your cycle etc…

urious32__Guest_: Where can I find this book?

Roni_DeLuz: pre order barnes and nobles may 8

jules__Guest_: what do I do after the 21 days? How do I maintain the weight lost?

Roni_DeLuz: you start your diet on the 22nd day.. slowly introduce healthy food and protein…

Shween-o__Guest_: is it safe to lose 21 lbs in 21 days?

Roni_DeLuz: sure–your body will only allow you to lose what it needs to lose..

guest1__Guest_: Roni, what are your credentials?

Roni_DeLuz: RN, ND, PhD in Natural Healing…

Freckled: Isn’t most of the weight loss just water weight? Won’t I just re-gain after the 21 days are over?

Roni_DeLuz: If you have a lot of water weight Then yes. Otherwise you will not gain your weight back if you change your lifestyle to a healhier way of living…
dekker0023__Guest_: What impact would continuing to drink coffee (without sugar) have as far as weight loss is concerned? Thanks in advance!

Roni_DeLuz: Coffee is an herb and it not bad.. we just abuse it…and become addicted to it

BWell__Guest_: Is there excercise involved too?

Roni_DeLuz: Light walking and yoga… no cardio or heavy weights

guest1__Guest_: I thought this was a CHAT…. you are answering every question with a link to your website.

Roni_DeLuz: sorry what is your question?

PJ__Guest_: Is there any independent review of your detox?

Roni_DeLuz: Dr. Alberto Martinez MD wrote the introduction to my book … and he went throught the 21 day program.. it changed his life….

k_2__Guest_: like dinner for a special occasion, etc.

Roni_DeLuz: Don’t understand…
Roni_DeLuz: Sorry I have to go I’m taping Inside Edition.. May you all have a blessed and healthy journey.If you choose to give your body this gift. Please keep us posted via my website.

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