The Detox Kit comes with enough supplement drinks for 21 days; which consists of the Berry Drink and two different types of Green Drinks, (either Zesty Tomato or Apple/Carrot) plus nine days of protein for maintenance. Including, the Innercleanse Daytime and Nighttime formula, which comes with a 14 day, supply.

You only take the Innercleanse for 14 days. The Detox Kit provides enough for one person for 30 days.

These are the items you will need to purchase outside of the detox kit:

  • Organic Vegetables for the live juices and soups
  • Organic Coffee for the coffee enema
  • Enema bag – buy at any medical supply store
  • Probiotic- Powder form / Dairy-Free (Natren Mega Dophilus- best brand to use)
  • Digestive Enzymes – buy at any health food store (Twin Labs, NOW, MegaZymes)
  • Distilled Water- drink and use for duration of the detox
  • Juicer – for the live juices
  • CALM , Stevia, and Braggs Liquid Aminos- buy at local health food store
  • Aloe Vera (Optional) – buy at local health food store
  • “No-Salt” vegetable seasoning – buy at local grocery store
We highly recommend you read the book first before embarking on the detox program. The book will give you the entire overview of the Detox program and the protocol you need to follow to prepare yourself prior to the detox. It also provides the soup and live juice recipes which are an integral, inseparable part of the program.
We do not offer Express/Overnight shipping. The Diet Detox experience is not about immediate gratification. Standard shipping provides you plenty of time to read about and embrace the concept of the detox program. We’ve found that a thorough understanding plays a big part in success.
We do not ship outside of the US. If you know someone with a US address, you can have the detox kit shipped to him or her and they in turn can ship your package to you directly. If you are not able to do so, your local health food store can help you out. Click on the link for product information: https://mvdietdetox.com/buy-detox-products/products-page.
We do not sell the products individually. However, you can use the rest of the products during maintenance. As the new book, 1 Pound A Day, says — it’s all about making supplements a part of your new Lifetime of Healthy Eating!
Please continue to take all your medications prescribed by your doctor during the detox. And we always recommend you speak with your doctor before embarking on the detox.
You do not have to take your vitamins during the Detox. You will receive 5x more nutrients daily than when you are having chewing meals.
No, the Vitamix or Bullet will not work for the live juices, since they don’t extract enough liquid and you will also drink the pulp. You really do need to juice the vegetables with a juicer. The pulp plus all the liquid from the vegetables together provide all the key nutrients and live enzymes. It doesn’t get healthier than this!
The rule of thumb for taking your drinks is as follows: have your first drink within 1 hour of waking up and every 2 hours thereafter. The daily schedule is just a guide. Also, you can set your smartphone and/or devices to go off every 2 hours as a reminder to have your drink! You will have a less chance of slipping.
We highly recommend you do not workout during the Detox. It is only 21 days and it is important to allow your body to rest so it can release years of toxicity and begin to rebuild your cells. One uses a lot of protein when working out, which the body will use instead in detox for repair. Even though you can have a protein shake, we still do not recommend working out during the Detox. But you can do yoga, the rebounder, a 1-mile leisure walk, stretch or the use chi machine. If you elect to tweak the program, we cannot promise you will lose 1 pound a day.
Our body heals in priority. When the body is working on an area that are damaged, it uses all its energy to repair and rebuild the cells. When this is taking place, weight-loss can diminish or completely stop. Once the body has repaired the damaged area, weight-loss will tend to resume. Do keep in mind, the premise of the Detox program is all about flushing years of toxins from our body in order to allow the body to repair and rebuild the cells. In highly toxic cases, weight-loss comes secondary to repair.
If you are among the few detoxers who want to cleanse WITHOUT losing weight, you should consume one or two protein drinks daily. Look for a brand made from soy, eggs, and/or whey. During the detox experience, mix your drink with water or soy, rice or almond milk rather than cow’s milk. For additional flavor, you can add natural extracts like vanilla, cinnamon or almond.
The Detox program we’ve carefully constructed through years of experience is designed specifically for the person on-the-go. Just add the supplement powder in a mason jar with 8 oz of distilled water, shake, and you are now ready to feed your body maximum nutrition! Make sure to have your supplements with you at all times and distilled water at the office and in the car and set your smartphone and/or devices to go off every 2 hours as a reminder to have your drink.
No, we do not recommend the Detox for women who are pregnant or nursing. The detox is so powerful it will dump toxins out of your cells and into the bloodstream, potentially creating a more harmful environment for your baby. Nor should you do the Detox when breast feeding, since your baby would receive the toxins your body is clearing through your milk.
The coffee enema is very helpful when flushing out the liver organ. We recommend that at least one coffee enema is completed before the 21 days are up. Also, with stronger coffee, a more successful flush will incur. Remember to use finely ground organic coffee only and wait until the coffee is room-temperature before inserting. The longer you can keep the fluid in your system, the better the results will be. We recommend taking in and holding for at least 10 to 15 minutes. In regards to your daily flush, warm water is sufficient. You may want to try some lemon juice once a week, for a cleaner cleanse. Enema bags may be purchased from your local pharmacy or medical supply store. Wash out the bag and hose after each use.
During a healing crisis, it is quite common to experience such reactions as acne, rashes, nausea, headaches, sleepiness, fatigue, constipation, diarrhea, runny nose, ear problems, and body aches. If you are concerned about any problems you are experiencing, consult your physician.
Yes, start the Detox anyway. Know that there’s more than one path to a colon cleanse: drinking water, using an herbal cleanse formula, giving yourself an enema, or having colonics.
It is very important to come off of your plan in a very specific manner that protects you from re-introducing toxins to your body too quickly. As the book indicates, one aspect of the exit is to start out by adding protein shakes to your routine.
No, the only coffee you should be having is in an organic coffee enema. You should be drinking hot herbal teas instead.
Our policy is that all sales are final.

Table of Contents

  1. Why Detox?
  2. Easy to Gain, Hard to Lose
  3. The Best Defense
  4. The Game Plan
  5. The Setup
  6. Get Juiced
  7. Clean and Green Soups and Broths
  8. Crank Up Your Healing
  9. Make a Dazzling Reentry: The Transition
  10. Stay Light
  11. Eat Clean
  12. The Balancing Act
  13. Turn Up Your Metabolism
  14. Your Body Deserves a 5-Star Vacation and Regular Getaways
  15. Dr Roni’s Healthy Eating Plan: Meal Plans and Recipes for the Rest of Your Life

We always recommend you speak with your doctor before embarking on the detox.

Please note, if you want to achieve 100% results, we highly recommend you follow the Detox Program Protocol exactly as outlined in the book. If you elect to tweak the program, we cannot promise you will lose 1 pound a day.

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