Detoxing on Anguilla

Detoxing on AnguillaNew York Post

MUMBLES about Anna Wintour’s Obama devotion are twofold. A) Running Vogue since the birth of Confucius, superiors maybe think maybe they should infuse new young blood. Thus, Wintour’s showing she’s really a player, up on things, too important with her connections to replace. And B) Weighing maybe, if and when it’s over, ambassadorship. Non-career envoys to posh places like France require serious money, and she may lack that bankroll but . . . it’s what’s being whispered.
IN September Hubert Hughes, Anguilla’s chief minister, is organizing a 21-day blubber’s biggest loser shrink on his island. It’s together with James Hester and Roni DeLuz’s best seller “21 Pounds in 21 Days: The Martha’s Vineyard Diet Detox.” Here for Caribbean week, the minister was feted. One of the feters was Bravo’s Chef Roble, whose own fete was cooking for B.O. in the White House.

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