Deadly Flu and Detoxing

The facts

The swine flu epidemic that stroked Mexico a few months ago has become a serious public health threat both in United Sates and the rest of the world. According to the World Health Organization’s (WHO) there have been 300,000 laboratory confirmed cases of the H1N1 virus and almost 4000 deaths worldwide. Since this virus has been proven to be a mutation, the fear is that other mutations are still possible. Therefore, people and governments are taking all necessary measures to fight the virus and limit its damaging effects. Now we know that the 2009 strain of influenza is not really the swine flu as it was called in the beginning (April 09). It is rather a complex mutative arrangement between the swine flu, avian flu, bird flu and the human flu. This is the reason why it is being called a quadruple virus.

Prevention is the Key

I think that the most beneficial action should be prevention. An active prevention plan boosts the immune system and renders the human organism more resistant, much less vulnerable to the H1N1 virus even when this microorganism, like all influenza viruses, chooses to shift and change. When the flu germs change and the fact that it is so versatile is what makes it such that medications like amantadine, oseltamvir, zanamivir, Tamiflu and Relenza, have no real beneficial effect in many patients. Pandemrix, the new vaccine, is highly toxic and is not expected to curb the ongoing pandemic. Prevention begins with a proper environment, proper nutrition such as “Maximum Nutrition in Small Doses’ with regular sessions of detoxification. We have a New York Times Bestseller out: 21 pounds in 21 days: The Martha’s Vineyard Diet Detox which helps all persons to detox and begin to nourish the body at the same time, We should also create around us a clean environment, emphasis on personal hygiene, less chemicals on our body, and all elements of the so-called universal precaution, including frequent hand washing.

Detoxing and Optimal Health

I have been following two of my clients who travelled to several countries last season when the outbreak was at its peak. My clients were in a group of seven. Two of those previously happy vacationers got very sick and had to be hospitalized. Two others caught the flu but could stay in their hotel; the three others were there to help because they remained indifferent to the virus. Out of those three remaining in good health were my two clients… They had just finished their detox sessions at the Martha’s Vineyard Holistic Retreat! Detoxification is perhaps the major contributor to optimal health and the best weapon in our arsenal to fight or even prevent the H1N1 virus. We are all surrounded by toxins wherever we go, whatever we eat, whatever we breathe. Detox strengthens the immune system, allows our defense mechanism to fight and overcome the multiple toxins that invade our body. From heavy metals to offensive chemicals; from free radicals to actual poisons, (tons of which we use in the household), in our food and other personal use, all these toxic substances weaken our immune system. Please visit the website to learn more about the Detox:

Good Nutrition fights the flu

Detoxification is a naturalistic process thru which we stimulate our liver, kidney, colon and lymph to get rid of toxic material and leave the body clean and healthy. We do this by eliminating toxic food and replacing with high quality supplements. The value of vitamins and other supplements is dominant in the multiple defense system we should build against H1N1. Vitamins A, C, D and zinc play a determinant role in making our body ready to face the flu virus. Equinacea is even more beneficial. Some of the best antiviral herbs include garlic, oregano, astragalus, schizandra, pycnogenol, mullein, elderberry, green tea, and licorice. Green drinks, Antioxidant drinks with Grape seed, blue berry, bilberry, broccoli, etc. are potent remedies against the swine flu. N-Acetyl cysteine has been used for several years as a good line of defense in every flu outbreak. Now its properties should be emphasized even more. As a precursor of glutathione, NAC is an amino and a potent antioxidant and a neutralizer for free radicals and other harmful substances. We can also protect ourselves by also using antiviral essential oils such as eucalyptus; tea tree, juniper, and lemon balm. For example: eucalyptus contains quercetin, hyperoside, and tannic acid, three great compounds known for centuries. Those oils have great medicinal properties including antiviral and anti H1N1 potency.

The best way to face the quadruple virus is not to open the Pandora box. Do not “step on land mines.” You must cleanse your system, both internally and externally, eat the right things, select the right supplements, sleep well, exercise, and live in a healthy and non toxic environment. Sometimes the best way to take care of yourself is to retreat- renew-get healthy at the Martha’s Vineyard Holistic Retreat:

You’re Partner in Wellness, Dr Roni

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